Adventure Motorcyclist Magazine publishes my story on motorcycling in Cuba

August 20, 2013

Adventure Motorcycle Magazine is about to publish its September/October 2013 issue featuring my self-illustrated article on leading the first group motorcycle tour of all Cuba for U.S. citizens since the Revolution.

ADV Moto cover“Eighteen years have passed since I first rode my R100GS to the Bay of Pigs during a three month-long, 7,000-mile exploration of Cuba as a professional journalist. Eighteen years spent dreaming of leading the first U.S. group motorcycle tours of the island.

Finally… I’m so stoked, I can’t suppress my glee any longer. “Weeeeeheeee!”

As the group files in one by one, I direct the participants to park their Beemers and Harleys outside the Bay of Pigs Museum and line up beneath the wings of a British-made Sea Fury that saw action defending Cuba against the CIA-sponsored invasion, in April 1961, by a Cuban-American exile army.

Then I ride my F800GS into the midst of the group and have a museum guide shoot a photo for posterity beside a giant billboard that reads: “PLAYA GIRÓN [Cuba’s term for the Bay of Pigs]. THE FIRST ROUTE OF U.S. IMPERIALISM IN LATIN AMERICA.”

“Congratulations!” I exclaim. “You’ve just made history. You’re the first yanqui motorcycle group to explore Cuba end-to-end since the U.S. embargo was enacted in 1960.”

READ MORE in the September/October 2013 edition of Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

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    • Hi Michael… I don’t know why that would be. You’re not being shown as spam. I did get your Facebook comment.

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