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Join Getty Images and National Geographic contributing photographer Christopher P. Baker on photo tours and expeditions to Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico’s Sea of Cortés in 2017/2018 on behalf of Jim Cline Photo Tours, Lindblad Expeditions, Lumaria Workshops, National Geographic Expeditions, RTW Moto Tours, Un-Cruise Adventures and more

“Chris was way above our expectations. Vast knowledge of Cuba and was able to communicate clearly — he was like having a living Google Now with you. By the end of the trip we considered him a good friend that we would like to see again.”
~Reno D., ‘Eastern Cuba 2917,’ Jim Cline Photo Tours

“More than I could have imagined. Chris made photography, history and current events fascinating. Plus he truly had a love for the locals and treated them with compassion and respect.”
~Paula Z. ‘Eastern Cuba 2017,’ Jim Cline Photo Tours


These tours are perfect for professional photographers, beginners, and amateur hobbyists alike


April 9-18, 2017: Cuba  Lumaria Workshops <<

April Cuba photography tour 2017 Lumaria Workshops 1000px

April 8-17, 2018: Eastern Cuba Jim Cline Photo Tours <<

April Cuba photography tour 2018 Jim Cline 1000px

April, 2018: Costa Rica 
Jim Cline Photo Tours <<

April Costa Rica photography tour 2018 Jim Cline 1000px

July/August, 2018: Colombia Jim Cline Photo Tours <<

April Colombia photography tour 2018 Jim Cline 1000px

TBA, 2018: Mexico’s Sea of Cortes  Un-Cruise Adventures <<

TBA, 2018:  National Geographic Expeditions <<





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