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Christopher P. Baker has partnered with actor/director David Soul and Red Earth Studio in production of a 90-minute cinematic documentary about the restoration of Ernest Hemingway’s long lost Chrysler

Of the many mysteries swirling around Cuba, there’s one that has captured the imagination of cubaphiles, auto-enthusiasts, and dreamers: “What happened to Ernest Hemingway’s car?”

In 2011, exactly fifty years after the Nobel-prize-winning author departed Cuba—his home for 22 years—his long-lost 1955 Chrysler New Yorker convertible was finally found, derelict and near to ruin.

Guided by actor/director David Soul (perhaps most famously remembered as Hutch of the 1970s detective series ‘Starsky  & Hutch’), this documentary will unravel the mystery of what happened to the car after Hemingway’s departure.




Cuban Soul Ltd. has secured exclusive access to the restoration project by Cuba’s Consejo Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural (National Heritage Council) in exchange for providing the replacement parts essential to the car’s restoration.

Christopher plays David’s sidekick and facilitator as he follows the process of sourcing the parts, shipping them to Cuba and, most importantly, filming the restoration of the car to running condition by underfunded yet resourceful and expert repairmen struggling against odds we can barely imagine.

The story of the car’s restoration will be the narrative around which we build a fascinating, punchy and emotional stirring insight into Hemingway’s Havana and of contemporary Cuba—an irresistible yet much-misunderstood Communist island of eccentricity, eroticism—struggling to evolve in the face of a U.S. embargo that promises to trip  the Cuban mechanics up at every turn.

Look for Chris’ feature article about the Hemingway car restoration in a forthcoming issue of Playboy.




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