National Geographic Expeditions’ Cuba Expert Christopher P. Baker talks to NPR’s Tom Wilmer

July 17, 2015

It’s always a pleasure interviewing with my pal Tom Wilmer for his NPR radio podcast, “Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer.”

Not least, I like his style, his acuity of questioning, his warm almost avuncular tone.

We cut  three different segments, the other two being about the song ‘Guantanamera‘ and Cuba’s classic American cars, respectively. Yesterday Tom posted the main interview, introduced by these gracious words:

“Cuba is in the news, and seems to be on the lips of every American traveler. Join correspondent, Tom Wilmer as he interviews travel journalist and Cuba expert Christopher P. Baker, who tells us what sets Cuba apart and why now is the time to visit. Listen to Christopher P. Baker describe how EVERY U.S. citizen can now legally visit Cuba, and why you should travel with his best-selling travel guidebook, Moon Cuba, recently published as an all new and totally up-to-date sixth edition.”

Listen to the podcast here



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